Canadian Institute of Mass Communication

Hello !

Your CMCP application has been registered.

We expect that you have already completed Step 1 (submission of the Application Form). If not, please do so. CIMC will not process a submission unless BOTH steps are completed.

After BOTH the steps have been completed, CIMC will conduct a preliminary review of your application, and reach out to you by phone and/or email if additional information is required.

CIMC will apply industry-standard performance metrics (quantitative and qualitative) to evaluate your application (profile, resume, portfolios, testimonials, etc.), and conduct due-diligence inquiry with credible references, to assess, verify and validate your credential as a CMCP (Certified Mass Communication Professional).

Upon successful validation of your professional profile, an electronic copy of your CMCP Certificate will be emailed to you, and the original will be couriered to your postal address.

In case you do not qualify for CMCP Certification, you will be informed via email, and $200 will be duly refunded.

Certified Mass Communication Professional (CMCP)