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10 modules  with  115 high quality Lecture Videos


This highly-impactful Sales Mastery Program will teach you the dynamics of selling from a humanistic point of view.  It will take you step-by-step, through the imperatives of building rapport with your prospect, to assessing their needs, all the way through to some great closing tips and techniques.

Most salespeople agree they should be doing more prospecting. They also agree that, if they prospected more, their sales would go up. This course provides you proven techniques on how to prospect, and shows you how to shift your mindset so you can boldly and fearlessly prospect anyone. Many of the techniques will enable you to immediately to prospect for more business.
Generating new leads is the lifeblood of any business. In this course Eric Lofholm will share his best lead generation ideas that helped him build his database from zero leads to over 50,000!
Through this course, you will learn how to:
  • Increase your conversion rate with Sales Scripting
  • Apply Continuous Sales Improvement to referrals
  • Elevate your results with Inner Game, Outer Game and Action
  • Easily build Trust during your sales presentations
  • Effectively handle Common Objections
  • Maximize your Sales Results and Closing Ratio
  • Improve your Goal Setting skills
  • Develop the Mindset of a Sales Champion

Get your  ‘Sales Mastery’ Certificate from CIMC, and move your career / business forward.

Fees $295

Self Paced Learning

Study at your own schedule and convenience.

Premium Content

High quality curriculum and study material.

Affordable Price

Course is offered at a reasonably low cost.

Eric Lofhom


Eric Lofhom is a Master Sales Trainer who has taught his proven sales systems to thousands of professionals around the globe for more than twenty years.   He truly believes that “sales equals service.” He uses stories from personal experience, making his teachings particularly magnetic and impactful.  Whether you’ve never been in a sales role before, or you’re a polished sales professional, you’ll pick up some great tips from this program that will enhance your sales closing percentage. You’ll also be providing a great experience for your prospects, while building long-term relationships with them.
Eric is President and CEO of Eric Lofholm International, Inc., an organization he founded in 1999 to professionally train people in the art and science of selling. He is the published author of fifteen books, including the best-selling, “The System,” and “Sales Scripting Mastery.”

Eric Lofholm is one of the greatest teachers and thought leaders in the world. His remarkable ideas and insights can change your life forever, increase your income and save you years of hard work reaching the same level of success.”  – Brian Tracy

Course Outline

Video 01: Introduction to Prospecting
Video 02: Overcoming Call Reluctance
Video 03: The Prospecting System
Video 04: Play the Prospecting Game
Video 05: The Dream 100
Video 06: Sphere of Influence Selling
Video 07: Intention
Video 01: Introduction to Lead Generation
Video 02: Skyhook
Video 03: Stage Selling
Video 04: Referrals
Video 05: Best Practices
Video 06: Person of Influences
Video 07: Reciprocal Referral Relationships
Video 08: Lead Magnet
Video 09: Webinar
Video 10: Follow Your Money
Video 11: Texts & Emails
Video 12: Leads Stored
Video 13: House List
Video 14: Speaking to Groups
Video 15: Using Contact Information
Video 16: Conclusion
Video 01: Introduction to Appointment Setting
Video 02: Appointment Setting
Video 03: All About the Angle
Video 04: Appointment Setting Systems
Video 05: Mindset
Video 06: Action
Video 07: Thinking in Combinations
Video 08: Goals
Video 09: Stage Selling
Video 10: Further the Sales Call
Video 11: Consistency
Video 12: Three-Way Introduction
Video 13: Teaser Email
Video 14: Hire an Appointment Setter
Video 15: Using a Template
Video 16: Case Study
Video 17: Inviting
Video 18: Conclusion

Video 01: Introduction to Referrals
Video 02: Referral Mindset
Video 03: Referral Ideas – Part 1
Video 04: Referral Ideas – Part 2
Video 05: Three-Way Conversation
Video 06: Referral Techniques – Part 1
Video 07: Referral Techniques – Part 2
Video 08: Create a Referral
Video 09: Take Action

Video 01: Introduction to Sales Scripting
Video 02: My Story
Video 03: Embracing Sales
Video 04: Embrace Sales Scripting
Video 05: The 7 Step Script Writing Formula
Video 06: The 5 Laundry Lists – Part 1
Video 07: The 5 Laundry Lists – Part 2
Video 08: Sales Scripting Techniques – Part 1
Video 09: Sales Scripting Techniques – Part 2
Video 10: Scripting Best Practices
Video 01: Introduction to Building Trust and Rapport
Video 02: Elevate Your Results
Video 03: Mindset
Video 04: Find Common Ground
Video 05: Stay Present
Video 06: Rapport Mindsets
Video 07: Rapport Building Techniques
Video 08: The Speed of Trust
Video 09: Take Action
Video 01: Introduction to Objection Handling
Video 02: Elevate Objection Handling
Video 03: Apply Continuous Sales Improvement
Video 04: Record Common Objections
Video 05: Reduce the Risk
Video 06: Solve the Problem
Video 07: Offer Flexible Payment Options
Video 08: Non-Stated Objections
Video 09: Handle Objection Before It Comes Up
Video 10: Be Unreasonable
Video 11: Handle Objections With a Question
Video 12: Handle Objection With a Story
Video 13: Isolate, Bring Out The Objection, Investigative Selling, Ask Peers
Video 14: Common Objections
Video 15: Take Action
Video 01: Introduction to Goal Setting
Video 02: Ten Step Goal Setting Process – Part 1
Video 03: Ten Step Goal Setting Process – Part 2
Video 04: Goal Achievement Concepts – Part 1
Video 05: Goal Achievement Concepts – Part 2
Video 06: Goal Setting Mindset
Video 07: Setting Health and Financial Goals
Video 01: Introduction to Mindset of a Sales Champion
Video 02: Mindsets Are Not Fixed. They are Flexible – Part 1
Video 03: Mindsets Are Not Fixed. They are Flexible – Part 2
Video 04: Continuous Sales Improvement
Video 05: Prospecting and Selling Mindset
Video 06: Prospecting Mindset
Video 07: Fear and Faith Can’t Co-exist
Video 08: You Have a Genius Mind
Video 09: Conditional Beliefs
Video 10: “I Am” Statements
Video 11: Let Go of Resistance to Sales
Video 12: Conclusion
Video 01: Introduction to Closing Deals
Video 02: My Story
Video 03: Preparation
Video 04: The System
Video 05: The Sales Model
Video 06: The Sales Mountain
Video 07: The Sales Script
Video 08: Three Ways to Elevate Your Closing Results
Video 09: Embracing Sales
Video 10: First Group of 3
Video 11: Second Group of 3
Video 12: You have Closing Greatness Within You!

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is most suitable for individuals are looking to dramatically improve their sales skills in a short time period.
This course contains 120 video lectures by Eric Lofholm on the topics outlined above.
There are no academic prerequisites for admission. The online course is open to students of all backgrounds who are 18 years of age and older. Proficiency in English language  is expected, as the lectures are in English.
This online course contains 10 modules with 120 video lectures. It is designed for you to learn at your own pace and schedule, entirely according to your own convenience. There is no specific duration to finish the course.
The fee for ‘Certificate in Sales Mastery’ is $____.
Click on the button “Enroll Now” and proceed to online ENROLLMENT. It’s fast and simple. You can immediately start your self-paced learning.
CIMC’s Online Education portal will become available to you immediately upon enrolment. You will log in with the email and password created at the time of registration. The online learning platform is an intuitive, self-contained environment that requires no additional software, and is easily accessible on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices via a reliable internet connection.
There is no requirement for you to buy any textbook or other resource.
Upon successful completion of the Online Course, you will receive a digital Certificate of Completion.
Your Certificate from the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication will demonstrate your commitment to upgrade your communication skills. Featuring the CIMC Certificate on your online profiles such as LinkedIn, and staying connected with CIMC are powerful ways to continue leveraging your experience long after your course has ended.
You have the freedom to choose where and when to study. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you will have all-time access to the best curriculum and study material of CIMC’s online courses. You can set up your own schedule and learn at your own pace. You can combine your Distance Education with other commitments like family duties or with a job where you earn while studying.

CIMC Online Education

Move your career forward

CIMC’s Online Education will help you advance your career, by adding a reputable Canadian credential to your professional resume. Through Distance Education and continuous learning, you will also gain skills like self-reliance, self-motivation and time-management, which will prepare you for future challenges.

Learn at your own pace

As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you have access to ‘CIMC Education’ online courses. There are no prerequisites or formal requirements for admission, and you will have access to the best curriculum and study material. You have the freedom to choose where and when to study. You can combine your Distance Education with other commitments like family duties or with a job where you earn while studying. You can set up your own schedule and learn at your own pace.

Modest fee

The fee for CIMC’s online education program is kept at a bare minimum. This is because CIMC is a federally incorporated NON-PROFIT organization of Canada, mandated to offer its Distance Education services at affordable rates, without sacrificing quality.

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Students' Testimonials

"CIMC has made it easy for me to transition back into the academic world. The online courses afforded me the opportunity to pursue my study through a program that was flexible and convenient for my schedule. I have access to the course materials all the time. Because of this I never miss anything, and feel like I'm in charge of my own education. The courseware is very comprehensive. For the excellent quality of the courseware, the fee is very low."
Divya Valiathan, EDITOR
"I always wanted to pursue a proper course in Mass Communication, but with my busy career as a Television Producer, I didn't think I'd be able to. My production duties require me to travel a lot, often with no advanced notice. However, the ‘CIMC Education' program, turned out to be exactly what I had been looking for. This online study program allows me to take my education with me on the road, and when I do get behind, the entire course material is right there, ready to help me get back on track."​
Tarun Coomar, TV PRODUCER
"My continuing education from CIMC has served me well in spearheading my media career. The Certificate itself helped me get promoted, and my upgraded credentials helped me get a number of coveted assignments."
Mellisa Keenan, SCRIPT WRITER
"I am extremely pleased with the quality and flexibility of CIMC’s online certificate course in Mass Communication. As a journalist, my routine includes long work weeks and is quite unpredictable. Often I have to be out of the country for several weeks at a time. But with CIMC, I can always keep up with the course, as long as I have internet."