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Effective Communications through Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulnesss

Learn how to become a mindfully competent communicator

Get your  ‘MINDFULNESS in COMMUNICATION ‘ Certificate from CIMC

Fees $189

Effective communications is the way human beings have evolved and thrived over the millennia.  It is poor communications that create misunderstanding leading to disagreements and conflicts.
Mindful communications is a thoughtful process based on being aware of our own and other’s feelings and needs. When we communicate with awareness we unite in harmony, we cooperate, build trust and get things done. When you become mindful in the way you communicate, you can be skillful and strategic in making the emotional connections with others to ensure you are heard better to achieve your objectives.
This web-based training program addresses the root causes for communications breakdowns that create individual and collective stress in organizations. This can impact morale, and lead to issues with efficiencies and productivity.
The foundational mindfulness practice provides tools to manage emotional triggers, enabling effective communication even in the most stressful situations.
The Program Covers the following Topics:

  1. Understanding Communications – components and process
  2. Conditioning and Self Esteem – Importance of assertive, positive and appreciative communications
  3. Communications and Emotions
  4. Emotional Intelligence and its components
  5. Managing Emotion through Mindfulness
  6. Mindfulness – the practice and benefits
  7. Applying the Mindfulness Practice to Communications

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Lalith Ananda Gunaratne
CET, MSc – Mindfulness Educator

About your instructor
  • Lalith A. Gunaratne is a trainer and facilitator weaving eastern and western philosophies into a tapestry of well-being and self-mastery. Mindfulness practice is the foundation for all his work as a trainer/facilitator, entrepreneur, business developer and consultant. He is a trained facilitator for the British Council’s educational and youth leadership workshops, and he brings practical experience and a diverse worldview to the area of training and facilitation.

  • Lalith established Sage Ontario for Mindful Leadership, bringing in a holistic way of learning and leadership to Canada. He provides training and consultation to the Canadian Federal Government, non-profits and the private sector.

  • He trained as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist (Nuclear) at Seneca College, Ontario – a program linked with Ontario Hydro. He is a Certified Engineering Technologist for Ontario.

  • Lalith has an M. Sc. in Responsibility and Business Practice from University of Bath, UK. His current research and inquiry are on human behaviour, organisations and mindfulness.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to communications – Listening and Expression
  • The components of communications
  • Self esteem and how it impacts communications
  • Passive, Assertive and Aggressive continuum
  • Appreciative communications to build esteem
  • What are emotions – Feelings and Needs
  • How emotion impacts communications
  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • The components of emotional intelligence
  • What is mindfulness?
  • How do we regulate emotion through mindfulness?
  • The components of mindfulness practice – to quiet the mind and gain space for clarity and perspective
  • Finding balance through mindfulness to respond rather than react to situations
  • Mindfulness helps to regulate emotions to respond rather than react to situations and communicate positively even in the most difficult of situations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This course is designed to teach you how to apply mindful communications principles in the workplace and at home. It is suitable for individuals of any public speaking and presentation skill level, looking to improve dramatically in a short time period. Professionals will learn how to become impactful communicators through daily practice of mindfulness.
    This course contains 7 video lectures (1:09:35 duration) by Lalith Gunaratne, on the topics outlined above.
    There are no academic prerequisites for admission. The online course is open to students of all backgrounds who are 18 years of age and older. Proficiency in English language  is expected, as the lectures are in English.
    This course contains 7 lecture videos. The online course is designed for you to learn at your own pace and schedule, entirely according to your own convenience. There is no specified duration to finish the course. The total duration of all lecture videos is 72 minutes. Therefore it is possible to complete the course in about 90 minutes. But you can certainly take more time if you want. Upon completion, you can immediately download your Certification.  After that you may spend as much time as you want to do repeat viewings of the videos (for practice and revision).
    The fee for the Certificate course in’Mindfulness in Communication’is $189.00.
    Click on the button “Enroll Online Now” and proceed to online ENROLLMENT. It’s fast and simple. You can immediately start your self-paced learning.
    CIMC’s Online Education portal will become available to you immediately upon enrolment. You will log in with your email ID and password created at the time of registration. The online learning platform is an intuitive, self-contained environment that requires no additional software, and is easily accessible on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices via a reliable internet connection.
    There is no requirement for you to buy any textbook or other resource.
    Upon successful completion of the Online Course, you will receive a digital Certificate of Completion.
    Your Certificate from the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication will demonstrate your commitment to upgrade your communication skills. Featuring the CIMC Certificate on your online profiles such as LinkedIn, and staying connected with CIMC are powerful ways to continue leveraging your experience long after your course has ended.
    You have the freedom to choose where and when to study. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you will have all-time access to the best curriculum and study material of CIMC’s online courses. You can set up your own schedule and learn at your own pace. You can combine your Distance Education with other commitments like family duties or with a job where you earn while studying.

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    "Lalith Gunaratne led a Mindfulness session with the executive management team of the Canada Border Service Agency's Information, Technology and Science Branch. His engaging approach to the group allowed for openness to individual reflection on moments lived in the room, and thoughts encountered during the session, without judgement. Executives are often hard-wired to multi-task, deliver on results, and focus on meeting project deadlines – it is not necessarily natural for most of us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and focus on our thoughts and feelings at any given moment in a work session or with a large group of peers. Lalith was able to push through this natural tendency with ease and respect for the group. I would recommend Lalith as a Mindfulness speaker for any leadership group!"
    Geneviève Binet
    Director General, Canada Border Services Agency
    I did want to tell you once again how very "different" (in the best way possible) your course is. Rather than the "list of things to do" that we often get at these types of courses, yours is more about long-term, and as I referred to it "deep-tissue" changes, that we can benefit from in every single aspect of our lives. The only secret was to be "open" and to just let the transformation happen, which I would say most of the people on your course seemed to be. Thank you again for sharing the breathing exercises, your positive view of the world and your wisdom with us. I know it will carry me through my interactions for a very, very long time...
    Carol-Ina Trudel
    Manager, Policy Research Group, Canadian Heritage
    "Your session clearly illustrated and probed into our lives challenged every moment with many demands which is very stressful. Your teachings and experiences amply defined the way out of it – by being mindful and at the present moment."​
    Jagath Pathirane
    Director/CEO EXPO Lanka Freight
    Lalith’s “Power of Balance” workshop was excellent! The material challenged our traditional views and learning, and expanded our understanding on what leadership needs to be in the 21st century. I highly recommend this program to those interested in developing leadership potential through self-awareness and emphasizing the values of empathy and authenticity.
    Jennifer Lagarde
    Senior Program Advisor, National Security Screening Division
    I just want to thank you again for a wonderful and well-presented course. I have taken many courses over the past 40+ years of my career but none has touched so many areas of my life in such profound ways. I have been inspired and challenged to make changes for the better. I am looking forward to integrating the core principles in my day-to-day interactions. Again, thank you for being such a great facilitator and for gently allowing the information to flow to and from all the participants.
    Sika Olivia O’Meara
    Executive Resourcing Assistant, Canada Border Services Agency
    "The distinctive spiritual dimension of Lalith’s sessions is what differentiates him from other trainers out there. His training style deals with issues in a positive and constructive manner and leaves you with solutions that resonate, thereby, leading to positive changes."
    Sarinda Unamboowe
    Board Director at MAS Apparels