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CMCP Certification
CMCP Certification
Through the CMCP Certification program, the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication offers formal recognition to professionals who provide evidence of practical knowledge and significant work experience in any field of Mass Communication. The CMCP Certification is NOT a study program. It is the Institute’s authorized endorsement of noteworthy skills and reputable achievements already demonstrated by recipient professionals.
If you have expertise, skills and experience in Mass Communication (Journalism, Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Advertising, Marketing, Film and Television, Photography, Radio, Audio-Visuals, Multimedia, Social Media, etc.), you may apply to CIMC to be certified as a Mass Communication Professional.
Sample Certificate
CMCP-Certificate (sample)
  1. Continuous active work experience in Mass Communication during the last 5 years, and

  2. Verifiable credits for creative role(s) in 5 reputable Mass Communication projects/programs, and

  3. Industry recognition of professional skill(s) in Mass Communication, documented through reliable testimonials.
  • Your Certification as a Mass Communication Professional will boost your credentials and enhance your career prospects. It will open important pathways to employment, and give you an edge over your peers who may not have such endorsement. At the very least, the CMCP certification will serve as an authentic attestation of your professional competencies.

  • Certified Mass Communication Professionals get FREE membership of Canadian Institute of Mass Communication.

  • CMCP members can avail 50% discount on all online courses offered by CIMC.Education.
  1. Application for CMCP Certification is done in two steps:
    • Step 1: Application Form Submission
    • Step 2: Registration & Processing Fee Payment ($240)
  2. After you complete BOTH steps, CIMC will conduct a preliminary review of your application, and reach out to you by phone and/or email if additional information is required. CIMC will apply industry-standard performance metrics (quantitative and qualitative) to evaluate your application (profile, resume, portfolios, testimonials, etc.), and conduct due-diligence inquiry with your references, to assess, verify and validate your credential as a CMCP (Certified Mass Communication Professional).
  3. Upon successful validation of your profile, your CMCP Certificate will be emailed to you. 
  4. In case you do not meet the eligibility requirements for CMCP Certification, you will be informed via email, and $200 will be duly refunded.
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CMCP Certification